On Earth As It Is In Hell...

If You Dont Shut Your Mouth ...Your gonna feel the floor.

Teenagers From Mars
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j4k0b:I changed my mind. I lawf the misfits too. But I'm still the HTML bitch.
__diepretty: Since theres no real misfits fan community we decided to make one for the real fiends. My favorite song is Last Caress
meetthevirus: I dont know. THE MISFITS ROOL! ...damnit jacob.

join join join!

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2. When did you first hear about the misfits:
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4. Why do you like the Misfits:
5. Random Thoughts:


  • Mind your p's and q's -- Keep the negativity to none!
  • NO BULLSHIT! Only post regarding the misfits or something like that! You can also Promte Communities if it has somewhat to do with this.
  • If you post a large pictures/quizes use lj-cut please!
  • We would like if you participate in our Misfit user contest! ;)
  • Any user who doesnt partcitpate in any misfits contest will be banned from the community...just kidding! ;)
  • You have to somewhat like the misfits to join!
  • Have fun!

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